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We want to bring you a directory of all the top fishing  charter suppliers across Australia. If you’re a charter fisherman and want to be listed on our page, add your details in the comment section below the page.

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Fish Raider

Your online source of Australian fishing reports and boating forums for NSW and the East Coast of Australia.

Australian Fishing Charters Online
This site is dedicated to helping you find Charter Fishing Operators throughout Australia. We cover the full range of fishing experiences including reef, estuary, game, beach,
dam, fly, lure, sport, river and fishing lodges.

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Australian salt water and fresh water fishing reports

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Fishnet is the largest and most comprehensive recreational sportfishing information resource in Australia. The first community based web portal of its kind in Australia and the South Pacific region, Fishnet has been enjoyed by millions of visitors since it was first published in 1995.

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Australian Fishing Charter Directory